Frequently Asked Questions


Here at IDR HQ, our Reward Scheme Writers have themselves been raised as dancers through the traditional dance school & college model of external assessments with their boards examiners. Their thorough knowledge of 'the system' is what has enabled them to craft something completely different that will thoroughly compliment any board or dance programme.

Think swimming badges, think gymnastics badges...well here are the dance badges. We don't quite know why no one's ever set about creating them before, but we're excited to be putting them out there into the world of aspiring dancers to get that much needed pat on the back as they work towards the grade with their dance association.

We've put together a list of FAQs for you to answer some of those burning questions you have, but if you don't see the answer to your question below get in touch and say hello via our Contact page and we'll be only too glad to answer it for you.

One of the dance schools has also put together a few paragraphs about how they set about introducing IDR to their parents and what how they are finding the scheme 1 year in. You can read their experience here, as well as read/download the email they sent to parents when they brought the awards in and what they send out when an award has been achieved by a student.

What are the International Dance Rewards (IDR)?

The IDR are a scheme of badges to recognise each and every achievement along a child’s journey in dance. From their very first bend and stretch in an adult & child setting to a solo performance at age 18. They are assessed by a simple tick sheet method at each stage by the class teacher and certificates and badges rewarded to the student and the end of each term or half term. Simple and inclusive, recognising and rewarding attendance, discipline, and effort.


Can I use the IDR along side my usual dance syllabus (IDTA, ISTD, RSL etc)?

Yes, our writers have years of experience with numerous boards, IDTA, RAD, ISTD and UDO. Our IDR learning objectives and outcomes have been written with these in mind. So for example if you’re teaching Grade 1 ballet then our level 1 badges will correspond. Check out our  downloadable Progress Record Cards for more information. Equally we work for schools who do not follow an examine syllabus.


Do I need to take a teaching qualification with IDR to use the scheme?

No, we do not have a teaching qualification as we are not an examination board we are a reward scheme.


How do I teach IDR within my classes?

You can continue to teach your classes as you always have, our Progress Record Card should fit right in. 


How are the students assessed?

Similar to swimming and gymnastic badge systems, IDR are assessed in house by the Teacher or Principal. Our awards are designed to reward dedication, effort and passion not just technique and ability so are inclusive and accessible to all.


How often can I assess my class?

It’s at your discretion how often you assess your students, each level has a suggested time frame alongside the file download for the Progress Record Sheet. 


Do I need to become a member of the IDR?

No, we have no membership, all certificates and badges are available from our shop and our assessment sheets are available as a free download to be printed at your home or studio.  We have deliberately chosen to make things simple and affordable.


How do you maintain your standards of your students and teachers? 

We believe all dance teachers want the best for their students. We give teachers the structure to offer a national award for their student’s efforts and enthusiasm. We are an inclusive rewards programme and not a traditional examine board who offer qualifications and marks based on technique and performance. This is why we believe IDR work so well along side examination boards. 

I've noticed that some of the points repeat across the levels, is that correct?

Yes, some learning objectives appear across several levels; as students progress they must portray learning outcomes with greater confidence, conveying more depth of emotion and skill than the previous level.  Other points such as class etiquette are important to revisit so that they are always at at the forefront of a students mind. Dance is a discipline after all  and students show value this aspect of their tuition as much as any other.


Who are the Dancers Board Ltd?

The Dancers Board Ltd are a group of companies specialising in bringing a fresh and forward thinking approach to dance standards. Specifically the Little Acorns Preschool Dance Syllabi, The Dancers Board Examinations -,  and the International Dance Rewards