"Rewarding every step"


Dance performance starts with a single step and is a long journey all the way to the top. Whilst established examination boards have recognised the completion of a level or grade for many years, there has (until now) not been anything out there to recognise the small steps and progressions that are essential in pursuit of the end goal.


From the age of 18 months upwards our free to download Progress Record Cards enable you to put your dancers through our reward scheme; rewarding the progressions and achievements they make along the way to attaining the grades you may well already work towards and/or our Graduate Award at the end of each level.


Internally assessed and examined by you in your classes, the International Dance Rewards scheme is perfect for any size school or studio, any dance setting, and promotes inclusivity and the recognition of effort as well as attainment.


With no annual subscriptions, hidden charges or minimum orders to satisfy we offer you the ultimate flexibility in rewarding your dancers.